Big brothers and big sisters of america

This section is in list format, but may read better as prose. For years, our model has been to match one youth with one adult volunteer in a long-term mentoring relationship. National Board Secretary. Tampa , Florida , United States. Donation Town does not provide tax, legal or other professional advice.

June Cargill, Incorporated.

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  • In terms of characteristics of the match, female matches were marginally more likely to terminate than those of males.
  • There were 39 treatment children and 32 controls. Community fundraising is a critical strategy for BBBS, which has built successful fundraising efforts on the assets of a strong brand name and broad networks of volunteer mentors committed to the program.

Outcome aims have examined a wide range of effects, including delaying initiation of substance use, academic performance, relationships with family and peers, self-concept, and social and cultural enrichment. Fidelity Monitoring and Evaluation See license fees below. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America highly recommends that programs raise a significant initial amount of money to function as a cash flow fund due to expected fluctuations in fund raising.

Training for volunteers is recommended, but not mandated, and is executed by each individual agency currently.

Big brothers and big sisters of america
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