Brunettes having a good time

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  • According to the company, women on the site cheat more than men - enjoying three clandestine dates a month, compared to men's two. But it seems that old stereotypes die hard, because in the recent financial hard times, we have seen more blonde women dying their hair dark in order to be perceived as more professional in the office, and thus less likely to be laid off.
  • While a quarter of women admitted they would strip off with a man who is funny - even if they aren't attracted to his appearance. So if dancing moves don't turn you on, what about the bank balance?
  • Experts: save money on interest and travel with these 3 cards.
  • This South African beauty has come a long way and has changed her hair color more times than we can count. Kindle E-reader Buy It.
  • The actress has gone from a blonde her original hair color to red, to brunette, to blonde, to red and so on! The findings disclosed that nine out of ten say a sense of humour is a big factor when choosing a lover.
brunettes having a good time

Kristy Turlington This ageless model continues to turn heads not only with her beauty but with her gorgeous brown hair. And the results are the same for men and women - just 16 per cent of people who took part chose blondes as the best at getting sweaty with.

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Brunettes having a good time
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