Jet black cowboy bebop

Faye returned to the ship at that moment, prompting Jet to berate her for using them for repairs. Portrayed by: Mustafa Shakir [2]. In one episode Spike teases her and asks if she will come to help him if he gets into trouble, and though she scoffs at his remark, she eventually does.

Sign up for the newsletter. Her mannerisms include walking around on her bare hands, performing strange postures, and her gangling walk. Vicious's real age is revealed in the official guidebook The After : at 27, he is the same age as Spike.

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As a character, Jet is the quintessential "dad" even though he often wishes people would view him as a more brotherly figure so as not to seem old. Jet - "The house specialty is Sea Rat. In the episode "Mushroom Samba" she considers putting on socks and shoes but quickly removes them, as even wearing socks hampers her, and she falls over seconds after putting them on.

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Jet black cowboy bebop
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