What is squirting pee

I am not placing a value judgment on it whatsoever. A cervical orgasm just refers to an orgasm stimulated by cervical stimulation transmitted through the hypogastric and Vagus nerves. I still enjoy it. A very small sample was used. I am lucky enough to have a woman that squirts when she has an orgasm and she has never done this in the past.

It is a delight to read this very cogent and though-out reply!

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  • This broad spectrum of findings is partly due to differences in how studies are conducted and definitions; but many specialists view female ejaculation and squirting as distinctly different things. All rights reserved.
  • I relaxed, and I ejaculated.
  • In the 17th Century, Dutch anatomist Regnier de Graaf wrote a groundbreaking treatise, Concerning The Generative Organs Of Women, describing the fluid and linking it to an erogenous zone inside the vagina that was much like male prostate. Share On vk Share On vk Share.
  • There was urine in there before they squirted, and it was gone after they squirted. An ultrasound scan of their pelvis confirmed that their bladder was completely empty.
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English Taylor. Search Go. For now, Salama is not investigating that particular avenue, but instead working on a protocol to test whether the kidneys work faster to produce urine during sexual stimulation than at other times, and if so, why.

I relaxed, and I ejaculated.

What is squirting pee
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