Whats the black parade

Meanwhile, even though he said all what he said, he says he's apathetic "I don't care". Retrieved 5 April March 16, The problem is, once more, why is ending existance which is the only way in which suicidal tendencies could be some way justified, as we stop existing, we stop feeling pain that good?

Then the ghost is experience and advice. Inside the booklet there are also a lyric sheet, a photo of the band, and characters from the album.

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  • The album also has strong influences from s classic rock, [1] [10] [11] [12] glam rock , [10] [13] pop music , [1] [14] punk rock [1] and gothic rock. Shame on you all.
  • It realy is a beutifull song to me. Flag TheKiller03 on December 10,
  • Penguin Leader: You will suffer the consequences you name stealer you.
  • He was replaced by Matt Cortez.
whats the black parade

The car is still under warranty The car skidded The car won't start The cash machine swallowed my card The chapter of accidents The Chevalier St. Song Meaning I just thought I would throw in my two cents. July 20, Add your thoughts Comments.

Whats the black parade
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